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I am excited to announce my partnership with Reflective Life Ministries!

Reflections with Jem, Jeweley, and Jesus is a picture book about two little stones searching for God’s glory. This companion book to Reflecting Him: Student Edition shows Jem and Jeweley experiencing life lessons from the study. Kids will see what taking off veils and living in the likeness of Jesus means, while moms will see how they can turn moments of rock throwing into a way to show God’s love and grace to their children.

About the Author:

Kimberly Vogel uses her Early Childhood and Elementary Teacher training to lead a children’s program in her church. Writing is a natural outpouring of her love for Jesus, and her passion to bridge the all too common gaps between parents and their children. With excitement, Kimberly and her husband homeschool their four girls.

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  2. So excited!!! It’s getting closer an closer:-) Love that you are part of the Reflective Life Ministries team.


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