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Who I want to be with when the zombie apocolypse comes…


…was just one of the discussions over coffee this morning.

I know who will be sitting in the corner in a fetal position.

I know who will be begging for death – only to see Jesus face to face – but probably spared to lead others to the Lord while wearing a bandanna and wielding a machete.

I know who will grab her kids (and the friend in the corner) to run and find the bandanna wearing fool leader.

For the sake of keeping my friends, I will NOT name names or point fingers. So don’t ask.

The conversation did move to more spiritual, deep places. I shared a new revelation – If I eliminate the things and attitudes that cause me frustration, my yelling (Iguess this is where I make THAT confession) will decrease. I discussed the attitudes (in my kids) and action steps needed to work on their heart issues. Sounds good right?

(Just for the record, I’m not really into zombies… I’m more of a Revolution kind of girl!)

Deeper heart issues were uncovered. But that’s not for here or now. What’s important – the realization that we, as women and mothers, need each other. Community.

Then I left my safe little circle of coffee girl-time and right smack into real life. It hit me. Did I just say I would eliminate things that cause me frustration? Ummm… that’s kinda a long list, which includes my kids. Maybe I need to reword a few things… for instance, the part about their heart issues… and maybe the whole eliminating my kids frustrations part… that really came out wrong. (Right when we have our frustrations eliminated, we’ll find out about the zombies.) Definitely needs rewording.

But not the Zombie Apocalypse. I’m not rewording that.

Who would you be in a (pretend of course) Zombie Apocalypse?

Building bridges is often done over coffee with laughter (and a little bit of the hard truth).

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