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Too busy to crochet is just too busy…

My yarn calls to me. I’m behind in the challenge I’m doing. In the evenings, my hands are too tired and my mind too preoccupied to crochet. During the day, chores, laundry, and cooking call to me and I feel too guilty to do anything to relax.

too busy

That needs to change.

When I’m too busy for the little things, I’m too busy.

The moment I stopped having time to crochet, I also stopped having time to read and pray.

Funny how things like that go hand in hand.

If you ask my family…

I’ve probably also been a bit grouchier.

(so don’t ask them, ‘k? Thanks!)

My goals for tomorrow –

slow down




enjoy the little things.

Of course, that’s after homeschooling, cleaning, blogging, and cooking. (except the read and pray part. That needs to be first. Ok. That needs to be ALL day.)

What do you do to relax?

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