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Should I Homeschool?

shouldihomeschoolOne of my friends, that Carol Jones, hears this question a lot. Since she doesn’t homeschool, I told her I had a few insights. Apparently, she decided to feature it on her blog, . Check out what I said.  Then come back and share with me your story. I would love to hear what YOU have to say!

Big Dreams and a Girl Named Lauren

There are some stories and blogs I read and they make me smile or keep me encouraged, then I go about my day. There are some stories and blogs I read that stop me in my tracks. Over the past few weeks, two blog irl friends have shared things that pushed the pause button on my day. (irl = in real life. That means, these friends are not just ones I met via the internet. These friends are huggable, callable, let’s get coffee and be chatable in real life.)

First, I’ve been reading Gindi’s posts about Dreaming Big. (I actually read ALL of her posts, but lately, these have been my fave.) THIS post stopped my day (OH! This Dream Inspiration stopped me too!) I’ve dreamed God-Sized Dreams in little ways for a long time. Memories flooded my mind of my first BIG DREAM. In high school I dreamed of publishing my writings. People patted me on the head and encouraged me to go to college (to study something else…). So I did. After college, I pursued a teaching career and my dream of publishing grew sky-high. I dreamed, yet I hit wall after wall. People would encourage me, but still with a pat on the head and words of: good luck – it’s really hard to go that route – don’t quit your day job! In the evenings I worked, labored over, birthed, loved on a manuscript to the point of buying the big manila envelopes – but never mailed any. (This was before the day of internet, back when you mailed in your manuscripts!) My dreams faded when I fell in love, and my life took a different path. My husband – my biggest supporter – never once patted me on the head, instead he dreams with me. For now, this story stops here – but it’s really only the beginning. You’ll have to wait for the rest of the story.

Now meet someone else who is dreaming. That Carol Jones. Carol introduced me to Lauren (via her blog) and I stopped. in my tracks. I’m cheering for Lauren. I keep thinking about Lauren. I’ve even prayed for her. I support this. You can meet Lauren by clicking HERE. (This where I pause again, so you can click on over there, read about her, then come back to me. Ready – GO!)

Back? Okay. So that’s Lauren. Don’t you just adore her? Let’s help her reach her BIG DREAM. Lauren’s dad is right there with her building bridges with her so she can reach her dream. I applaud.

Thinking about Lauren, my thoughts turn to my girls. What are their dreams? Do I pat them on the head or cheer them on? What bridges do I build with them, leading them to their dreams?

Build bridges towards your dreams. Pick up a brick and help someone build the bridge to their dream too!

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