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Pinterest FAIL

T-shirt Yarn

I love the idea of it. The cheapness of it. The pins on pinterest about it.

But working with it?

 Now that’s a whole ‘nother story!

One I do not like.

I tried. I spent days crocheting some baskets. Crocheting with T-shirt yarn is tough. It’s stiff and requires a lot of wrist action. (read that as – it hurts to crochet the stuff!)

In the pin they looked so cute. On the blog I followed it looked so easy.

Here’s my version.

tshirt yarn basket

Looks NOTHING like the pictures.

Now I’m stuck. I’ve run out of the color scheme. Do I find more yellow or orange? Do I continue with the baskets? (Baskets? I know they look like bowls, but the pin told me they were baskets.) Or, do I unravel them?

What would you do with my pinterest fail?

Crochet with T-shirt yarn

What is T-shirt yarn?

tshirt yarn

There are some great tutorials about how make T-shirt yarn. If you don’t know what T shirt yarn is, it’s basically yarn made out of… you guessed it – T-shirts! I spent a few days cutting a huge pile of T-shirts and made lots of yarn. Now… What to do with it? What’s your favorite use? What would you make? Leave some ideas in the comments! When I have lots of ideas, I’ll share them in a future post! If I have enough requests, I’ll also feature how to make T-shirt yarn!

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