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Mission Trip

Sending my heart on plane today

The following is a letter my daughter wrote to her supporters. I am sharing it with you and asking you to join in supporting her in the most effective way – PRAYER.

Dear Supporters,

On my mission trip to South Africa we will work with a great ministry called Impact Africa ( I will have many great serving opportunities. With over 8 million people living in squatter camps, South Africa has been riddled with disease and poverty. It has one of the fastest accelerating rates of HIV in the world. With death all around, there are nearly 450 children being orphaned every day!

Shantytown similar to the one we will visit. Click for photo credits.

 During my mission experience I will encounter these very communities, bringing them the good news of the hope that is found in Jesus. Each day will bring new challenges for me and I will get a chance to grow a deeper faith through the service and discipleship during my time in South Africa.

Please pray that on my trip I will really see the world through God’s eyes and I will carry out my duty to God and be his right arm to spread the love of God to others, who need it. Also pray for the people in South Africa and their horrible living conditions.

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