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Lesson of the Swing

Lesson of the Swing

lesson swing


The swing is empty more than not these days as my little girls are now in their tween and teen years. Every now and then I’ll look in the back yard and see a back and forth motion. As I watch the lulling repetitive sway, I’m reminded of the lesson – The Lesson of the Swing.

Read more at Whole Family Strong where I sometimes sit and visit for awhile.

One New Thing – November 8th

I thought about not doing a One New Thing post this week. The truth is, last week and the week before ended up not being sucessful. The only reason I exercised three days the first week and two last week was because of you, my readers. So, thank you for just being there – it was an encouragement!!! Ok, a little truth and reality – 0ver the weekend the sniffles turned against me into a full blown cold. That little cold spread through my family. I didn’t wake up early. I didn’t exercise. I didn’t even leave the house on most days. I thought, there is NO way I can post a One New Thing.

Then it hit me, instead of feeling like I had failed to do One New Thing, I can look at it positively. I choose to take care of my cold. I let my body sleep. I did not stress my body out by leaving the house and becoming exhausted. I used lots of essential oils and gargled. When I needed to rest, I did. So this week, my One New Thing is – Rest.

Come to me… and I will give you REST. Matthew 11:28

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