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FMF What I Learned from the Quiet Lady


She was quiet. Her slippered feet wheeled her around in her throne (wheelchair) as she stared at me with eyes full of words. She opened her mouth, then closed it. Again. and again. She looked like she had something to say. Her eyes were full of words that would not leave her mouth. I was  warned it would be this way. “Don’t give up on her.” My sister instructed me. “Sit and give her a chance to find the words. They will come… in time.” So I sat with her. And smiled, or tried to. She made lots of motions with her hands. But I focused on her eyes. They were so full of unspoken words.

After what seemed like forever but was really just a few moments, she made some noises. The quiet was broken as she tried to speak. Her hands moved twice as fast as her mouth. I hear what I thought was “Sis-ter”

“Sister? Did your sister call you? Is everything ok?” The words tumbled out of my mouth quickly as if they needed to fill the quiet and the space.

“sis-ter. Call.”

She missed her sister. Oh how I can relate to that one.

But how would this quiet lady, who’s words were so hard to come talk on the phone?

I realized…. the bond between sisters doesn’t need words. Sometimes the quiet and just being there is enough.

I first wrote about the Quiet Lady, Hazel, after visiting her with my sister. You can read about her HERE. Her sister, Bessie, did move back next door and I often think about those two and picture them sitting together on the porch in sweet silence.

FMF is a blog carnival that Lisa-Jo Baker does over at Tales from a Gypsy Mama. Hop on over there and check them out!

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