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Summer Storms

Hot temperatures and beautiful, blue summer skies easily lull us into thinking we are safe from the storms. Just last week I was sitting in my special spot with my laptop open and an afternoon cup of coffee in hand when a glance out the window brought to mind all the things I could be doing outside. I called to the girls “Who wants to go swimming?” By the time the sentence escaped my mouth, I wished I could suck it right back in. I noticed the wind throwing branches around. “Ummm… nevermind – looks like rain.” Then I did what I do when I want to see what’s really going on in the world, I checked facebook. People were posting pictures of menacing skies and dark clouds. “Find the flashlights!” was my war cry as we all scampered to get lights, candles and matches. By then (not even five minutes after my first glance outside) rain was pounding and facebook was reporting power outages. We had secured the needed items right before the power flickered then was out – for over 12 hours.

All week I’ve heard story after story of people who were caught unaware. Two thoughts keep replaying in my mind:

Storms that seem to come out of nowhere -isn’t that just like the storms of life?


My how things change! Remember last year when no storms came and the only clouds were from smoke of burning neighborhoods? We prayed fervently for rain.

I’m thankful for the storms. They remind me of where I’ve been and who is holding me. I picture Jesus standing in the midst of the dark clouds, commanding the wind in His majestic voice “Be still!” I’m thankful He’s in my boat – and on my bridge. How do your bridges hold up in the storms of life? Are you grasping the handrails in fear? Does your bridge even have a handrail, or has it crashed and you feel like there is nothing to hold onto? Ask Jesus to stand with you on your bridge. He is the calm the storm.

Where you caught in a summer storm? What did you do? I’ll tell  you how my family responded to this storm in my next post. It’s a night we won’t forget!

The next time a summer storm comes out of nowhere, don’t forget to dance in the rain.

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