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Lecture but Listen

It was late. We hadn’t heard from her. Finally a text.

Can u pik me up? at (friend) g-ma house?

Really? That’s kinda far! Now? it’s LATE!

What I wanted to do was tell her “Sorry! Spend the night!” What I did was jump in the car.


I reminded myself that she was a good kid and all she did was fail to notify me of her plans. Many parents were worrying about their children who weren’t where they said they would be and into drinking, drugs, and the like. I was mad because she was late calling me and I had to drive farther to pick her up. REALLY?

Thankfully, I composed myself. I did the motherly lecture on responsibility. I set ground rules for if plans change and you aren’t where you thought you would be after dark… then I relaxed. I lectured, then I listened. And we talked. I enjoyed the conversation on the way home and when we arrived, wanted to linger in the car for just a bit longer.

Time is running out. They are only children for a short time.

I can let my anger overtake me when I have to go out of my way or when things don’t go as planned. I can rant when they don’t do what they say they will or aren’t where they say they will be. I can push my children away with my anger. OR I can relax and begin a conversation. One where I calmly state the facts and what needs to happen differently with possible consequences, then – just talk. Enjoy the time left.

Tonight I chose to enjoy and talk. Talk we did.

I am so thankful.

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