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Organize Em

My heart pounded in my chest as her knock pounded on the door. I ran around picking things up and rearranging items that were strewn about. It was futile. I glanced around the room, seeing random things to pick up, yet not seeing most of what needed to be done. I think my brain knows what I think I can handle. I can’t handle the clutter, so I don’t see it. My eyes just gloss over and my brain doesn’t recognize that there are piles covering the counter. This is an important truth I KNOW but not one I’ve been able to CHANGE. Her knock pounded again and I nervously walked to the door.

“Mom! She’s here!”

Organize Em!

Organize Em

All of this started when the new year rolled around. I recognized I needed help with organization. They say the first step is to admit you have a problem. The next step is to just do that – take a step. But I didn’t, right at first. By the time I did take a step, it was to ask for help. You can read about that part of the journey HERE and HERE.

That’s when Organize Em came to my rescue. I’ll be writing about our journey in this messy project. Follow along and find inspiration – By His Wisdom.

I know that my nervousness was normal, but soon realized it was needless. Em has an amazing naturalness and easy going attitude. She calmly walked me through an interview and assessment. When she left that first day, I felt like I really can do this!

Guess what? She can help you too! Just click here to find out how! (When you get there, click like. Cause I know one thing for sure – you will like her!)

Am I Ready for 2013?

I only thought I was ready for 2013.

My brain is stuck on the list of things I didn’t complete in 2012. Instead of wiping my slate clean, I just wrote on top of the old stuff. Now my slate is muddy and barely readable.

When I said Goodbye to 2012, I pledged to evaluate what worked and what didn’t.

I’m still working on it. (Honestly, God is still changing my heart. His whispers are turning to red flags and I’m still dragging my feet and in denial.)

Back to the slate. The problem –  it’s a mental exercise. The slate exists in my head.

I need to get out of my head.

It’s time to put pencil to paper and map it out.

So here goes.

Problem is…

I can’t find a pencil.

Or paper. Where did I put those things?

Problem is…


There. I said it.

What are you struggling with this year?

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