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Man Up!

Mission Trip

The journey home starts today. On my daughter’s mission trip to South Africa, she was in a flash mob to promote a new organization called Man Up!

Open Eyes in Africa

Mission Trip

My daughter is on a mission trip. All the way in Africa. For me, this is a test of faith.

She asked that her eyes would be opened. The next communication was this picture.mission trip

I heard her voice. Once. So full of excitement. Wonder. Fun.

She’s having the time of her life. Learning lessons that only come from experience.


Like never before



Like never before


The stories are amazing.

But they are hers, not mine.

So I will let her tell them.

But for now, she has three more days before the long trek home. Will you pray for her, please?

Mission Trip

Sending my heart on plane today

The following is a letter my daughter wrote to her supporters. I am sharing it with you and asking you to join in supporting her in the most effective way – PRAYER.

Dear Supporters,

On my mission trip to South Africa we will work with a great ministry called Impact Africa ( I will have many great serving opportunities. With over 8 million people living in squatter camps, South Africa has been riddled with disease and poverty. It has one of the fastest accelerating rates of HIV in the world. With death all around, there are nearly 450 children being orphaned every day!

Shantytown similar to the one we will visit. Click for photo credits.

 During my mission experience I will encounter these very communities, bringing them the good news of the hope that is found in Jesus. Each day will bring new challenges for me and I will get a chance to grow a deeper faith through the service and discipleship during my time in South Africa.

Please pray that on my trip I will really see the world through God’s eyes and I will carry out my duty to God and be his right arm to spread the love of God to others, who need it. Also pray for the people in South Africa and their horrible living conditions.

If I can trust God for a loft bed, I can trust Him for bigger things, right?!

A lesson in trust I’m still learning –

In a conversation with my daughter, I asked her what would make her happy with her room. Her room has issues – I guess you can say it’s a work in progress. We turned a dining room into a bedroom, so it doesn’t have a closet. At one point her room didn’t have doors. Now it has doors, but still no closet. I dare you to look inside of most tween girls (in America) closet. No thanks! That’s a dare for sure! Closets are the place where little girl meets teen. Pretend dress up shoes next to the first pair of real heels. Dolls and lip gloss share a shelf. Not having a closet leads to lots of piles and corners stuffed with memories. We were brainstorming solutions. One idea was to change her bed into a loft bed. Right in the middle of a normal, everyday conversation something major slipped out of my mouth.

If you want a loft bed, pray for one. Trust God to provide.

I challenged her to pray. Trust.

Then I quickly wanted to forget the whole conversation because I don’t have the energy to redecorate a room right now.

Later that day, my husband heard of the plans and gave me the “what are you guys up to” look. I assured him I wasn’t blowing our budget and that we were just brainstorming. Then it hit me. Why not pray? Why not seriously pray for a bed? Why did I challenge her to pray for something – was I setting her up for excuses and you just must not have prayed hard enough scenarios? Or was I really going to trust and pray along with her?

Those thought lead me straight to my knees. I simply prayed and trusted.

Two days later I went to a garage sale. I wanted four items. I prayed for God to provide. One of those was a loft bed. No bed. So I prayed again.

The next day, someone in our neighborhood listed a loft bed for $5o. Within an hour I knocked on the door. I prayed again and then offered $40. SOLD!

The bed is now in our daughter’s room. Every time I look at the bed, I thank God for his provisions.

Now it’s two days later. My daughter’s desire to serve God overseas is sprouting wings! The opportunity to go on a mission trip fell into our lap! It’s way out of our budget. Not only that, the date of the trip was moved up several weeks. That left us not much time to raise the needed funds. The night the tickets were purchased, I didn’t sleep. How quickly I forgot the trust and provision of the loft bed.

After two days of worry – I fell before God asking for his forgiveness. I wasn’t trusting. My faith was weak. I trust in the easy, non-life changing things – but when it comes to the major stuff, I worry. I often believe for others, but when it comes right down to it, I don’t always trust the good will come to me.

He forgives and makes things new. My faith is stronger and I trust he will provide. Not only that, I have a new expectancy that great things are going to come from this! My excitement builds each day.

I will tell you that a part of me still struggles. Doubts creep in. Fear seeps into my thoughts and dreams. That fear and doubt is not from God.

Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. Resist him, standing firm in the faith 1 Peter 5:7-9

I trust you, Lord, for loft beds and mission trips. Above that, I trust you with my girls – my heart.

Weak faith builds weak bridges. Faith and trust builds a bridge with a strong foundation!

Please pray for us as we stand strong. Read this for more information about the mission trip!

Do any of you have a trust struggle? Encourage each other in the comment section!

From my daughter

Hi Everyone! I’m Kimberly’s oldest daughter and am hijacking her blog to tell you what’s going on in my life…

An incredible opportunity has presented itself to me this summer. My friend’s dad is leading a mission trip to South Africa to work with a great ministry called Impact Africa ( With over 8 million people living in squatter camps, South Africa has been riddled with disease and poverty. It has one of the fastest accelerating rates of HIV in the world. Nearly 450 children are being orphaned every day because of their parents dying from disease or poverty.

I’ve been praying for this trip and the people I get to serve.  This short-term missions experience will bring the good news of the hope that is found in Jesus.  During our stay we will bring medical, sport, and hygienic supplies for those living in the squatter camps in Johannesburg, South Africa.  We get to hand out gifs of toothpaste, clothing, first aid items, and soccer balls to children and widows as well as conduct games and other activities for the kids in the squatter camps.

Each day will bring new challenges for me, and I will get a chance to grow a deeper faith in Jesus through the service and discipleship during my time in South Africa.

I’m telling you about this because I’d love your prayer and financial support. I need to raise $1,500 in order to cover travel, supporting the ministry, and food. I’ve already been fundraising through babysitting, but with your help I can meet my goal. You can give a tax deductible gift to the 5:21 Foundation (just make sure my name is listed).  Both are tax deductible.

With love,

E. Vogel

P.S. If you can help, please send a note to my mom’s email and she will give you specifics!

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