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The Kombucha FAIL

Sipping my cup of Kombucha today, I realized it’s been a year since I started. I still love it as much as the first day. Probably more. However, there is one thing I tried that I did not like. It was a huge FAIL.

Kombucha Vinegar

When my Kombucha brewed for a week or two longer than needed, instead of throwing it out, I searched the good ole internet for a recipe. I found out how to make Kombucha vinegar. Why not? I decided to try it and followed the directions perfectly,  bottling a few gallons of the stuff. When I ran out of apple cider vinegar, I opened a bottle. Ewwww. It wasn’t vinegar. It wasn’t Kombucha. I don’t really know what to call it. Except – a fail.

Kombucha FAIL

Looking back on the whole idea of using Kombucha for vinegar, I’m almost embarrassed I even tried. You see, I wanted to use vinegar for cleaning and to try it as a rinse for my hair. Why not use Kombucha vinegar? The base of Kombucha is tea. Tea stains. I don’t think I want to use it on my white counters or in my strawberry blond hair. Plus, it was more like stinky mess rather than a cleansing vinegar. UGH.

There it is. My Kombucha fail. What do you do with your overbrewed Kombucha?

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