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I Picked a Good Father for my Children

Well, actually, God picked him out for me. I just followed along love struck and giddy. Ok. Maybe not giddy. Definitely love struck.

His name is Kevin. Best. Dad. Ever.

When were dating, I was super impressed with his love for kids. He accompanied me to birthday parties for my nieces and nephews. He probably would’ve gone anywhere with me, but while there, he interacted with the kids.

His dad worked as a children’s pastor at church and Kevin taught in the two year old class. At first, I thought he had to, ya know, cause of his dad. Nah, he loved it.  I still get starry eyed when I see him teaching children at church. He doesn’t know this, but when I worked the Wednesday night program, I stand outside the room (behind those mirrored windows that let parents peek in) and watch him. Just to think about how awesome he is.

And that’s just with other people’s kids.

With our kids…

How did I get so lucky?

Wow. Sometimes he leaves me speechless. He far surpasses me with patience and gentleness. Yes, he loves our girls, but not only that – he invests in them. He builds them up in little ways (calling them young ladies) and big ways (he cut back on his teasing when he realized it was crushing hearts instead of nurturing them).

If you don’t read anything else – read this:

I know from my core the reason my girls haven’t gone through a stage of boycraziness and attention seeking from guys is because of the security, attention, and love they receive from their dad.

For that, I am thankful. In fact, it’s been on my mind quite a bit… and I feel a blog post coming in the next few weeks (months maybe) about that topic.

But for now – it’s time to celebrate the man and father my husband is.

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