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Homeschool Survival Bag (pass it on)





park passI spent weeks planning this and yesterday was my target day; however, we woke to horrific news about a fatal stabbing at a nearby school. I almost didn’t do this activity. I almost didn’t run this post today. BUT yesterday was the perfect time to spread a little sunshine. Today is the perfect time to run this post. We all need a little sunshine. Let me tell you – it’s worth it. The smiles, texts, facebook shout outs made it worth every penny and every minute I spent. I learned a few lessons. But I’m saving those for another day.

I made a few of these bags and delivered them to some fellow homeschool moms ding-dong-ditch style. It definitely added some excitement to our day! Feel free to take my idea and pass it on! (and to the traditional schooled moms- take this idea and make one for you! The point is to get out there and make someone smile!)

Homeschool Survival Bag

Dear Mom,

You’re starting another year of your calling. While it’s the biggest blessing of ALL, it’s also a challenge.

Many moms worry about completing homework. The homeschool mom worries about providing the entire education their child will receive. Is it an adequate education, preparing your child for college – and life beyond? Heavy questions.

Many moms worry about waiting in the carpool line. The homeschool mom worries about turning an ordinary walk into a major science lesson, or on some days, finding time alone to shower.

This bag is for the days that don’t go as planned. The days a school bus looks like a bit of freedom…

May these days be few and far between!

Tea – to relax in the midst of chaos.

Post it notes – keep sticking to the truth!

Chocolate – just because it makes everything better!

Park Pass – When all else fails, PLAY!

Have an amazing year!

The Vogels

*Please take this idea. Download my Park pass and letter and use it to spread a little sunshine to others.*

Pass It On!

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