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We Homeschool

We homeschool.

I could tell you we do it because…

  • I was born to do this.
  • We didn’t choose it, it chose us.
  • I felt like I had no other option.
  • I have an education degree.
  • (with a lifetime certification)
  • It is our calling.
  • I’m kinda crazy.
  • I had enough of schools and testing and crying kids.

What I won’t tell you is…

  • It’s easy.
  • It’s always fun.
  • It’s always rewarding. (in an eternal way – yes.)
  • I love being around my kids 24/7.
  • My kids love being around me 24/7.
  • Everyone should do it!
  • Everything we do works.
  • I want to teach every day.

What I will tell you …

  • My kids are happier.
  • We eat healthier foods.
  • The teens are allowed to sleep as their body needs it.
  • We make mistakes.
  • My kids are learning at their pace.
  • The sisters are friends.
  • We talk and laugh and hug more.
  • The Bible is the center – at least that’s the goal.
  • It fits our family.
  • Some days I look longingly at the school bus. (but that quickly passes!)

But this is just me. This is just us. Our calling. Our journey.

Not all families should go this route. It does not fit most American families. I get that. There was a time it didn’t fit my family.

I do not think differently of families that choose homeschool, private school, or public school.

I’m excited when I hear a family chooses to homeschool. I’m excited when I hear people knit or crochet. Why? They are both passions of mine. But I don’t expect everyone to buy needles and hooks!

A huge part of me does not want to open this door. I don’t want unknown spectators peeking into this aspect of our life. You might see flaws. You might question what I’m doing. You might not agree.

A whisper spoke to my heart. I knew it was time. Time to invite you to peek into the windows of our home schooling home. It’s not a perfect picture. But it’s the picture God is painting.

It’s the bridge we are building.

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