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About This Time I Usually Give Up

We started reading the Bible as a family this year. Our plan was to read the New Testament. Things went really well until life got crazy.


We didn’t read the Bible as a family for almost the whole month of March.

About this time I usually give up.

Throw in the towel.


But not this time.

It just so happens that our scheduled reading for the month of March was the book of Mark.Our choices were to stop altogether, double up on reading, or pick up where the schedule is today. The weight of feeling behind dragged me down. We decided to pick up today’s schedule. We’ll go back to Mark another time.

It’s not ideal to skip devotions. When the decision is to quit or skip, sometimes skipping is the better option. As long as you are in the Word.

We picked back up in Luke.

Tonight we read. It felt good to be back. Well… there were a few moments.*ahem*  We’ll call it consequences of our skipping. The kids regressed – sitting respectfully needed a few reminders.

But we’re back!

And it feels good!

Do you have any goals you’re ready to quit? Hang in there.

The Challenge of 2014

“I challenge your family to read through the New Testament this year.”


The last time we attempted to read through something, we failed. It was a book for advent Christmas before last. Advent = one month. And then there was the last try of family devotionals. That happened sporadically over maybe two months. Then it fizzled. I admit – I started thinking,

“Why start something, just to fail?”

Then I snapped myself back into reality. Well, we know where that thought came from.

That thought was not from me and not from God.

Well, we started. January first = Matthew 1.

And so far we’ve only been off two readings. Which we’ll make up this week.

What I realized is that even if we don’t get out of the book of Matthew, or make it past January, the time I’m spending NOW reading the Bible with my kids is making a difference. The time of discussion and prayer is priceless. There’s no curriculum, no set questions, no activities – Just the WORD. And it is GOOD.

I also started thinking about my hesitation to post this on my blog. Well, the simple reason is that I didn’t want to have to confess to quitting something – again. Oh and the uncomfortableness of someone asking me in a few months and having to come up with an excuse. Bottom line: I didn’t want that kind of accountability.

That’s when I realized sharing this – is community. So welcome to my community. While you’re here, let me challenge you:

Read through the New Testament with me this year!

I’m really excited about this challenge. Even more, I’m excited about the changes I will see in our family.

Incline your ear, and come to me; hear, that your soul may live… Seek the Lord while he may be found; call upon him while he is near… so shall my word be that goes out from my mouth; it shall not return to me empty, but it shall accomplish that which I purpose, and shall succeed in the thing for which I sent it. (verses from Isaiah 55)

So what’s going to make this different? I really do not think it’s going to fizzle out. There is a big difference – we are doing this as a family, yet part of a larger community. We have surrounded ourselves with other families who are reading the same verses at the same time. Community and Accountability. And now I’m offering that to you.

Who’s willing to take the challenge?

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