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Dreams without Action

Yesterday I gave my dream the gift of action.

dreams without action

I worked my dream.

I loved on my dream.

I’m one step closer to my dream.

What’s my dream? Writing books for children.

Yesterday I held the artwork while my words poured out over the pages. We put pictures to words.

It was beautiful.

It was also work. The edits kept on coming. A trim here, a switch-a-roo there. But it was glorious. Three of us put our heads and hearts together. The time together was sweet.

(and no, the tears didn’t fall – when it comes down to it – I’m all work!)

Did I tell you it’s work? Well, the work’s not over. We only read through one-fourth of the book. More meetings. More edits. But we’re that much closer.

I’m still dreaming. I’m still working. I’m still praying.

Dreams without action are just whispers of wishes.

This is more than a wish. I’m working this dream to reality.

Why the Happy Tears Threaten Today

I feel my heart pounding. As I type, my hands hit wrong keys due to the shakiness. A mixture of nervousness and excitement drown out all other feelings. And for some reason, my eyes keep watering.


Today a dream I’ve dreamed since high school takes another step closer to reality.

What is my dream?

Writing books for children. Remember how I told you guys what I’m working on this month?


I feel incredibly blessed. Today I meet with my editor and Carla McDougal with Reflective Life Ministries. A huge part of our team will be there, but not in person.

Ya’ll, they are amazing women. My sister friends. My rocks.

The first thing we’ll do together (after the hugs) is pray. The last thing we’ll do today (before the hugs) is pray.

So… what am I doing today? (besides holding back the happy tears?)

Haha! You’ll have to wait until AFTER the meeting!

Stay tuned! I’ll tell you bits and pieces tonight or tomorrow.

(but I’ll be leaving hints on facebook, twitter, and instagram! Why not leave your guess in the comments?)

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