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One New Thing – October 1st

In a quest to greater health, I am doing One New Thing every week.

This might just be the hardest yet…

In anticipation of a doctor’s visit later this week, every time I start to get nervous or worried about it, I am going to stop and pray instead.

Sound simple?

It’s probably the hardest thing I could have possibly picked.

But the most important for keeping my sanity.

You see, I had a tough weekend. I was grouchy and stressed. I took that grouchiness out on those around me. A week of that will be a great endangerment to my health – and theirs.

So this week, my One New Thing is to pray when I feel worried or stressed. Ok, go ahead and add “whenever my mind starts to diagnose or make things up about the appointment.”

Looks like I’ll be on my knees quite a bit this week.

What about you? What’s your One New Thing?

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