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Too busy to crochet is just too busy…

My yarn calls to me. I’m behind in the challenge I’m doing. In the evenings, my hands are too tired and my mind too preoccupied to crochet. During the day, chores, laundry, and cooking call to me and I feel too guilty to do anything to relax.

too busy

That needs to change.

When I’m too busy for the little things, I’m too busy.

The moment I stopped having time to crochet, I also stopped having time to read and pray.

Funny how things like that go hand in hand.

If you ask my family…

I’ve probably also been a bit grouchier.

(so don’t ask them, ‘k? Thanks!)

My goals for tomorrow –

slow down




enjoy the little things.

Of course, that’s after homeschooling, cleaning, blogging, and cooking. (except the read and pray part. That needs to be first. Ok. That needs to be ALL day.)

What do you do to relax?

My Busy Week – the fun stuff

My Busy Week - the fun stuff

Just a picture of what I’m working on this week, totally unrelated to school or kids. Any guesses???

Crochet with T-shirt yarn

What is T-shirt yarn?

tshirt yarn

There are some great tutorials about how make T-shirt yarn. If you don’t know what T shirt yarn is, it’s basically yarn made out of… you guessed it – T-shirts! I spent a few days cutting a huge pile of T-shirts and made lots of yarn. Now… What to do with it? What’s your favorite use? What would you make? Leave some ideas in the comments! When I have lots of ideas, I’ll share them in a future post! If I have enough requests, I’ll also feature how to make T-shirt yarn!

How to Crochet

Learn How-to-Crochet

Kimberly Vogel Crochet

One of my favorite ways to relax involves wrapping yarn around my fingers and using a funny tool with a hook on it to make beautiful creations. Crochet. Ahhhh…. I just love it. I must confess, it wasn’t relaxing at first. When I began, it was very frustrating and I often felt like throwing the hook across the room. I persevered and now it flows almost naturally. I won’t say it doesn’t ever frustrate me, but it’s more of a puzzle to solve rather than a ball of yarn that’s getting the best of me!

Now, I’m not actually going to post step by step instructions here – but I am posting links to my favorite instructional sites. I love to teach people how to crochet, but in person. So – if you want a lesson, let me know and we’ll set up a mini-class! But for now, enjoy these links!

Free how-to-crochet tutorials

Crochet School

Lion Brand

My Crochet Help

Yarn Council

Free Patterns


Lion Brand


You can find free patterns everywhere, however some aren’t very well written or full of mistakes. It’s very frustrating to be halfway through the pattern and realize it isn’t working. I stick with patterns from name brands in crafts or yarns. Ravelry has a lot of patterns – just because they are on that site, doesn’t mean they are good. I look for patterns that are NOT by people, but from companies. Most of the patterns you buy are better patterns. There are some good patterns by people, but until you know, it’s better to be cautious.

Reading a pattern

Annie’s catalog

Yarn Council

Red Heart

Where do I start?

I suggest starting with a small pattern, like a flower or heart. Better yet, to practice the different stitches, use a cotton yarn and make a swatch. If you make it big enough, it can be a washcloth.

Free Washcloth Pattern

Chain 2o stitches. Turn. For the first row, practice single crochets. Turn. Chain 2 then do a row of half double crochets. Turn. Chain 3 and do a row of double crochets. Turn. Chain 4 and do a row of triple crochets. Repeat until you have a square. Fasten off and weave in ends.

Chain 20 stitches.

R1: sc in third ch from hook, sc across. Turn.

R2: ch 2, hdc across. Turn.

R3: ch 3, dc across. Turn.

R4: ch 4, tc across. Turn.

Repeat rows until desired length. FO and weave in ends.

Pig Amigurumi

Pig Amigurumi

Birthday surprise for my youngest! My second attempt with amigurumi was easy! I used a lion brand pattern and found a fuzzy yarn. Click on the picture to link to the pattern

My first Animal

My first Animal


One of my passions is yarn. I love to crochet. I made my first animal (or amigurumi) for my daughter. What a special gift! I’ll be making more of these!

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