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Recipe Switch-A-Roo Pot-luck Adventure

Tonight I am going to a Pot-luck. My family is excited. Well, some of us are – the ones who can eat anything. I am not one of those. Being the one to cook and not eat is frustrating. Normally I would cook a quick, easy, yummy, cheap meal for the pot luck and just eat something “safe” beforehand. That started changing when I had to think about my daughter’s many food allergies, not just mine. Now that my awareness is growing, I want to bring foods that many people with food issues can eat. I searched the internet for a meal we both could eat. I found one. It would be a bit time-consuming and a tad more expensive, but I was determined. THEN I read the email. NO NUTS. My recipe has almond flour. The other gluten-free flours are safe for my daughter, but not for me. *sigh*

Back to the drawing board.

Then I remembered my own advice, Keep it simple.

So I will.


Lettuce boats!

I roasted a whole chicken for dinner last night. Using the leftover chicken, I chopped it up. I’ll prepare the rest of the ingredients, then heat the chicken and assemble right before we leave.

To assemble:

Romaine lettuce leaves, separated and spread out, with the spine down and the top open – the boat.

Spread meat over the leaves.

Top with sauce: avocado, 1/2 cucumber, tahini – if  you have it, dash of salt

Provide a small bowl of extra toppings: tomato, cucumber, whatever else you want

Make a sign that informs guests: Lettuce boats! Gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, paleo

Not only is this one of my family’s favorite recipes, it’s fun to eat too! That’s my Recipe Switch-A-Roo for tonight! I’m still searching for the rest of the recipes on my list!

Recipe Switch-A-Roo

This year I am doing a Recipe Switch-A-Roo!!


I am trading my traditional holiday recipes for safe, allergy-free ones.

The problem is…

(I haven’t started yet.)

This week I’ll hunt high and low through all of my pinned recipes, bookmarked blogs, and kindled books.

My Guidelines (just so you know what I’m working with): Dairy-free, gluten-free, yeast-free, corn-free, egg-free, and peanut-free. Also NO honey or lemons/citrus. One more thing, for savory recipes, NO garlic or carrots. Is that a long enough list of foods to avoid? Soy-free is also helpful, but not necessary.

Recipes I want to replace:

Peanut butter balls


Cinnamon rolls


Christmas Cookies (Iced sugar cookies)


Sweet potato casserole

Cajun injection for fried turkey

And you, my friends – Please join my Recipe Switch-A-Roo! Leave a comment and answer, “What holiday recipe is YOUR favorite?”

Allergy-free friends, “WHERE do you find your replacement guidelines/recipes?”

I’ll report back next week with my findings!

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