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Afraid – Five Minute Friday

I am participating in a blog link-up, called Five Minute Friday over at Lisa-Jo’s site Lisa-Jo Baker – tales from a gypsy mama. There are a couple of rules, but basically you just write (no edits! *gulp*) about a specific topic for five full minutes and link back to her.



My husband just gave me a kiss goodbye, grabbed his breifcase and overnight bag and walked out the door. My weekend of alone-parenting begins. Girl time. I try to console myself with the fun and productive weekend I have planned, but my mind wanders to a place I don’t want it to go. A place of fear.

I think about the time he went out of town and was involved in a horrific four wheeler accident that could’ve ended with a broken neck, but thankfully only ended with a severely broken leg. (only????) The memories of that nightmarish time keeps my mind locked in a place of fear.

My mind continues to wander to another time when I went out of town with the kids… we almost lost my husband completely that time. Meningitis overtook his body and mind and he passed out. He was completely delirious and out of his mind. I flew home to find him in the hospital and completely unaware of who I was. For three days his mind was locked away as he fought through the sickness. It was beyond a nightmare.

So… sometimes I get a bit nervous when either one of us go out of town. I am afraid.

I can choose to live in that fear, hardly sleeping and filling my days with plenty of activities to keep the fear away…


I can choose to pray. Deny the fear and hold onto to God’s peace. THEN I won’t be afraid.

When I am afraid I will trust in You. Psalms 56:3


Now it’s your turn… What makes you afraid?

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