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From my daughter

Hi Everyone! I’m Kimberly’s oldest daughter and am hijacking her blog to tell you what’s going on in my life…

An incredible opportunity has presented itself to me this summer. My friend’s dad is leading a mission trip to South Africa to work with a great ministry called Impact Africa ( With over 8 million people living in squatter camps, South Africa has been riddled with disease and poverty. It has one of the fastest accelerating rates of HIV in the world. Nearly 450 children are being orphaned every day because of their parents dying from disease or poverty.

I’ve been praying for this trip and the people I get to serve.  This short-term missions experience will bring the good news of the hope that is found in Jesus.  During our stay we will bring medical, sport, and hygienic supplies for those living in the squatter camps in Johannesburg, South Africa.  We get to hand out gifs of toothpaste, clothing, first aid items, and soccer balls to children and widows as well as conduct games and other activities for the kids in the squatter camps.

Each day will bring new challenges for me, and I will get a chance to grow a deeper faith in Jesus through the service and discipleship during my time in South Africa.

I’m telling you about this because I’d love your prayer and financial support. I need to raise $1,500 in order to cover travel, supporting the ministry, and food. I’ve already been fundraising through babysitting, but with your help I can meet my goal. You can give a tax deductible gift to the 5:21 Foundation (just make sure my name is listed).  Both are tax deductible.

With love,

E. Vogel

P.S. If you can help, please send a note to my mom’s email and she will give you specifics!

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