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Lesson of the Swing

Lesson of the Swing

lesson swing


The swing is empty more than not these days as my little girls are now in their tween and teen years. Every now and then I’ll look in the back yard and see a back and forth motion. As I watch the lulling repetitive sway, I’m reminded of the lesson – The Lesson of the Swing.

Read more at Whole Family Strong where I sometimes sit and visit for awhile.

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  1. That was beautiful….I have been looking at our swing set and feeling abit melancholy. “Mommy swing with me” “no I have to do ________”. Now I’d love to swing with either one of them. Childhood is far to short, but I think I will get her to swing with me tomorrow. Enjoy. your girls cuz tomorrow they’ll be grown.

    • Thank you Rebecca! Our swing set is a bit rickety. I’m not sure it would hold me! But I do enjoy watching my girls swing. I moved my writing chair to the window overlooking the swing set and garden. We do swing together when we go to the park. However those times are few and far between. Yes… they do grow so fast!


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