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My Regret of 2013

Looking back over the past year there are a few things I wish I did differently. Quite a few. But I also realize that this is my journey and “the way things were” are the way things were. But I do have one thing that stands out above the rest.

My regret of 2013

regret 2013

We forgot to date.

Oh, there are plenty of reasons:

  • The busyness of life
  • Finances
  • Too tired
  • No idea of where to go or what to do
  • Lack of motivation
  • Did I mention finances?

Call them what they are – excuses. Lame ones too. Really, time just slipped away. We didn’t make it a priority. Notice, babysitter isn’t on the list. Our kids are past the age of needing a sitter. We know we have the freedom to go out at any time, so no planning is needed. And none was taken.

Not this year. 2014 is the year of dates!  This problem has a really simple fix. Just Date! 

Suggestions for dates are being accepted in the comment section.

What is your regret of 2013? How can you change that for 2014?

There’s one factor I left off the list. It gets it’s own blog post. Any guesses?

About Kimberly Vogel

I am a mom of four beautiful daughters, a writer, and a certified Early Childhood and Elementary Teacher who recently made the switch from teaching in a classroom to teaching her children at home. I am often found in the children’s area of my church where I volunteer and lead a children’s program. Writing is a natural outpouring of my love for my Savior. Follow along while I share my journey as a bridge builder with you. My prayer is that you start building bridges too!

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  1. Well said, Kimberly. I urge all young married couples to heed her words. My husband passed away 6 years ago, and what I wouldn’t give for a date night! I’m sure we missed the opportunity many times ourselves so we missed making memories.

  2. Taking time for each other is a good investment in a marriage isn’t it?! My husband works nights so a couple times this past fall we went to the movies while the kids were in school. It was fun! To save a little you can sneak in snacks. it is hard to make the time though when you have little kids : )

  3. We asked our kids to brainstorm some date night ideas. We squeezed them in wherever we could. When the kids were younger, we had them treat us to a date at home (it was a hilarious occasion). They prepared, served, decorated. It’s made them thoughtful about it, now that they’re a little older and can look after themselves while we’re out.
    It’s made us feel less guilty, because the kids see how important it is to our relationship. How important we are to each other. It shows them that marriages take work. They see that date night isn’t just “to get away from the kids.” Some kids feel unwanted when their parents sneak away. My 18 year old son actually upbraids us (in a good way) when we aren’t spending enough time together. May you create many good memories and strengthen your three-fold cord this year!


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