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This week of Thanksgiving, people recite their list of thankfulness. They smile and share stories of how much they have and how much it means.


But if you sit and watch, it seems like just words. The dad, who is thankful for his job, complains on the way there. The mom, who is thankful for her kids, yells for no real reason. The kids, who are thankful for their home, long for more, better, and newer toys.

True thankfulness is more than just a list of words at Thanksgiving.

Ending the Stealing of Thanksgiving by Ann Voskamp, spoke of what Thanksgiving is. Read it.

we will give thanks to God not because of how we feel, but because of who He is. (Ann Voskamp)

Happy Thanksgiving.

When the blues knock

I haven’t had much to say lately.

the blues

My thyroid’s low. So is my vitamin D.

For those that know me very well, this is a combination that equals the blues.

Add in the death of a friend and normal life stresses (ok, a few not-so-normal ones too…) and it compounds the problem.

But don’t worry. I’m taking the right amount of meds, doubling my vitamin D dose while getting in the sun and digging into the Son. But for now, my words aren’t quite publishable (except for that book I’m working on diligently).

So if you don’t hear from me as much lately, pray I’m getting enough s-u-n and S-o-n. Because when the blues threaten, I seek the SUN (natural source of Vitamin D) and the SON (THE Source of life!) to find relief.

I’m also doing some natural things to raise my serotonin levels while using essential oils.

What do you do when you feel the blues knockin’ on your door?

*I am not a medical doctor. If you feel the blues are a problem for you, seek medical help. Now. Right now. Please.*

Support the Galloway Family

Support the Galloway Family

There are people you meet that you remember. Felicia was one of those.

There are people you think about getting to know better and hope it happens. Felicia was on my list.

There are people taken too early from this world. Felicia was taken too soon!

This post by Whole Family Strong tells the story. 

Read it.




Because you never know when the chance to love will be taken away.

I planned on going to a Mom’s night out with our homeschool group. I decided not to go at the very last minute. I missed the opportunity to get to know this remarkable woman. Two days after that social, she was gone. That will haunt me.

One day, I will see her again.

For that, I am thankful.

My Busy Week – the fun stuff

My Busy Week - the fun stuff

Just a picture of what I’m working on this week, totally unrelated to school or kids. Any guesses???

Dreams without Action

Yesterday I gave my dream the gift of action.

dreams without action

I worked my dream.

I loved on my dream.

I’m one step closer to my dream.

What’s my dream? Writing books for children.

Yesterday I held the artwork while my words poured out over the pages. We put pictures to words.

It was beautiful.

It was also work. The edits kept on coming. A trim here, a switch-a-roo there. But it was glorious. Three of us put our heads and hearts together. The time together was sweet.

(and no, the tears didn’t fall – when it comes down to it – I’m all work!)

Did I tell you it’s work? Well, the work’s not over. We only read through one-fourth of the book. More meetings. More edits. But we’re that much closer.

I’m still dreaming. I’m still working. I’m still praying.

Dreams without action are just whispers of wishes.

This is more than a wish. I’m working this dream to reality.

Why the Happy Tears Threaten Today

I feel my heart pounding. As I type, my hands hit wrong keys due to the shakiness. A mixture of nervousness and excitement drown out all other feelings. And for some reason, my eyes keep watering.


Today a dream I’ve dreamed since high school takes another step closer to reality.

What is my dream?

Writing books for children. Remember how I told you guys what I’m working on this month?


I feel incredibly blessed. Today I meet with my editor and Carla McDougal with Reflective Life Ministries. A huge part of our team will be there, but not in person.

Ya’ll, they are amazing women. My sister friends. My rocks.

The first thing we’ll do together (after the hugs) is pray. The last thing we’ll do today (before the hugs) is pray.

So… what am I doing today? (besides holding back the happy tears?)

Haha! You’ll have to wait until AFTER the meeting!

Stay tuned! I’ll tell you bits and pieces tonight or tomorrow.

(but I’ll be leaving hints on facebook, twitter, and instagram! Why not leave your guess in the comments?)

When Healed Wounds Leave Hurtful Scars

You know that thing that pops up every now and again? That healed wound? The one that left the scar? Yeah, that. What do you do when it busts open?

Mine did. I feel open and raw – reminded of past wounds. Although healed, there is a remembrance. Some days I’m fine. Some days I’m not.

wounds and scars

I’m tired of pretending everything’s ok, but I’m surrounded by people who don’t understand. Sometimes it’s ok. Sometimes it’s not. They don’t mean anything by their lack of understanding, but it’s just the way it is.

This is this journey we call life. People are the way they are. Expecting them to be different doesn’t work.

Changing them doesn’t work.

Pointing out the hurts doesn’t take them away.

Face your hurts, wounds and scars. Stare them down with a gaze and intensity.

Tell the hurts they do not own you. They are a part of you. Wounds heal, but the scars remain.

Touch the scars and tell them you are sorry they exist.

Look in the mirror. Tell yourself It’s ok. You are not your scars. You are you carrying scars as reminders of lessons learned.

Love yourself.

Say it. Out loud.

I. Love. You.

You are more than your scars.

Walk away. Stronger. The time of mourning is over.

Find joy in every circumstance. If you can’t find it, Look to HIM – the well of joy.

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. Romans 15:13

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