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Monthly Archives: April 2013

What Your Child Really Wants

whatyourchildreallywantsSometimes conversations just stop you in your tracks. The words penetrate your heart and they just aren’t forgotten.

This conversation is one I pray I never forget.

I must confess, it wasn’t a conversation for my ears. I just happened to overhear it. Kids were talking – a bit deeper than the normal what happened on the playground or did you see that TV show – it was a “what I really want” conversation.

“What I really want is more time with my mom.”

“Aren’t you with her ALL the time? You home school. Don’t you stay together all the time?”

“Yeah, but she’s so busy. We’re always running around. When we ARE home she keeps doing stuff. When she’s not doing stuff she just yells.”

Can you hear her heart cry? She hungers for her mom. To just be with her. No more yelling. No more busy.

Time. Love. Acceptance.

I can also hear the mom’s heart. Homeschool. Provide opportunities. Give the kids the World. Go – Go – Go. Give – Give – Give.

Pure exhaustion. Frustration. Yelling.

Mom’s, I have a message from you. Do you hear the little girl?

What I really want is Mommy’s time. Her love. Her acceptance – HER.

Your children want you. Your time, attention, and love. To them, that is the WORLD.

Building bridges is more about time than activities – more being and less doing.

I’m in? Are you? If you could give something up to add more one on one time with your kids, what would it be? Leave a comment – it might just give another mom a great idea!

High School Schedules

This week I am planning the class schedule for next year. Our family will have two high school students. I won’t even think about the emotional implications. People have written books about preparing to home school in high school. Some parents just don’t think they can do it.

I’m here to tell you:


It’s not that hard.

First, look at the state requirements.


Next, pick several universities your student is interested in attending. Look at their requirements.






All that’s left is to plan your year! Above all, don’t stress!

More tips coming soon! To make sure you don’t miss anything, click on the FOLLOW button to the right!

Glow in the Dark Egg Hunt


Clear Easter Eggs

Bracelet Glow Sticks

The Dark of Night

Memories to Last a Lifetime

Easter Fun Tips: Buy Easter supplies AFTER Easter for the next year. I haven’t paid full price for Egg Dye since BEFORE I had kids! Did you know the dye also makes incredible colors for home made play dough?! (Hmmm… sounds like a blog post I need to write.) This year my list grew to include clear and semi-transparent eggs!

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