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Happy Kid Day!

Today I did something unusual. I gave my kids presents – items they don’t need – just because. I saw something they would like that didn’t cost much, so I bought it. On a whim. Because this is an event that doesn’t happen much EVER, they were actually confused.


They just looked at me really strange.

I told them they were awesome kids and I wanted to do something special. Just because I love them so much.

After a meeting about my book that will be published in the next few months, I took them to the mall.

Just because.

Ok…  I did have a really good reason for that – school is getting out next week and I wanted to do something to beat the summer crowds. So we went to the mall.

I hate the mall. I only go to that pit of overpriced commercialism to the mall when I can’t get an item anywhere else and it’s the only place left – with a mission and a grudge.

But today was really nice.

No one asked me for anything. Shocking, I know. You see, since we don’t spend money out on snacks (we bring things from home, go hungry, or stop at a grocery store for reasonable snacks) as a rule, they just don’t ask. They know the answer.

Today is HAPPY KID DAY, so after the quietness of them not asking for things sunk in, I told them they could each have money to spend on snacks wherever they wanted. They went into shock mode. That just doesn’t happen. Unless we are with grandparents!

We walked the mall, ate junk food, window shopped, built lego people, and played with an adorable puppy in the pet store.

I don’t remember when I’ve heard so many Thank You’s. It made all the times I’ve said NO worth it.

I saw my children grateful and appreciative. We built bridges and connected.

I learned how not giving them everything really is giving them even more.

It’s ok to say No to your kids. Promise.  I know that’s not easy for everyone, so next week I am writing tips on doing that. If you have any tips that work for you, or a story about one of your Happy Kid Days, I would love to hear! Tell me about it in a comment!

About Kimberly Vogel

I am a mom of four beautiful daughters, a writer, and a certified Early Childhood and Elementary Teacher who recently made the switch from teaching in a classroom to teaching her children at home. I am often found in the children’s area of my church where I volunteer and lead a children’s program. Writing is a natural outpouring of my love for my Savior. Follow along while I share my journey as a bridge builder with you. My prayer is that you start building bridges too!

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  1. This is great! I am a victimizer of over indulging my kids. And guess what? They are spoiled! Good for you Kimberley. maybe there is hope for me. 🙂

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